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Dry In Packages

Our dry-in packages are a turn-key solution for material procurement, assembly and installation of our products. These components include wall panel framing (interior and exterior), pre-marked floor system (trusses or TJIs), roof truss framing, pre-built interior stairs, and many other assembled components. The home can be one of many model plans or your own custom design. You get contemporary or traditional homes using high technology resulting in precision construction. We provide project supervision from foundation to framing inspection. This also includes interior & exterior doors, decking & sheathing, beams, windows and Hardie© siding. In short, your project is taken from the vacant lot to structural completion, at which point the finish trades can commence.

Advantages of our turn-key solutions are:
  • Reduced labor cost, material waste, and on-site construction time due to quick, simplified construction.
  • Interest savings from reduced construction completion and move-in.
  • Reduce cost overruns from unforeseen circumstances such as time and cost delays caused from inclement weather and shortage of qualified subcontractors.
  • Automated process and controlled environment create homes of consistent high quality.
  • Continuous in-house and third party inspections at the manufacturing facility.
  • Dry-in stage can be reached in days rather than weeks or months.

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